Strasser of Austria
BUL LTD of Israel
Luxury Firearms
Luxury Firearms
Iron Armi of Italy
Arsenal Firearms of Italy
Yazicilarav of Turkey

At International Firearm Corporation, we pride ourselves in providing American shooters with firearms they other wise would not be able to experience or purchase.

Depending on the brand, we are also responsible for the distribution of some of our unique product lines. Having the ability to import and distribute allows us to bring our products to our customers by the most effective means possible. International Firearm Corporation strongly supports all of our distributors and dealers in order to provide unsurpassed customer service and the lowest price possible for our customers. In addition to importing and distributing, International Firearm Corporation provides warranty/custom work on most of the firearms we sell. Our ability to quickly get a firearm repaired and back to our customer is a significant reason that allows International Firearm Corporation to stand alone when it comes to providing the highest level of customer service possible.

We invite you to try one of our unique firearms and see for yourself what makes International Firearm Corporation so unique and the American firearm industry.