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The first semi-auto pistol in history able to shoot two different calibers at once with the same point-of-impact. One barrel is chambered with 45 ACP and the other with 38 Super. Both calibers are equipped with 8 round magazines. The DBDC grips are machined out of a solid billet of aerospace aluminum. This unique grip allows the circumference to be smaller when compared to the AF-2011.

  • 5-inch slide
  • Double barrel
  • Semi-automatic
  • 45 ACP on right/38 Super on left
  • Fires both barrels with one pull of the trigger
  • 16 round magazine capacity
  • Adjustable sights
  • Weight 4.7 pounds
  • Barrel length 5 1/2 inches ported
  • Width 1.75 inches
  • Height 5.7 inches
  • Total length 9.25 inches