SAS II Pistols

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The SAS II line of pistols is BUL’s latest and hottest polymer, high-capacity 2011 pistol.

All SAS Pistols come standard with features such as a full-length guide rod, lowered and flared ejection port, match grade hammer and many more extras depending on the model. BUL redesigned the grip to be the most ergonomic and comfortable pistol grip on the market today. It has aggressive checkering that will provide a solid, non-slip grip. The SAS II utilizes a new and innovative way of attaching the polymer grip to the steel frame. This allows the shooter to use the time proven M5 magazine. The billet steel frame features full length rails for better fit, feel and accuracy. Each pistol is hand built and fitted to extremely tight tolerances by BUL’s in-house master gunsmiths who build, what BUL considers to be the finest line of pistols they’ve ever produced.